General Practice & Practice Specific Management Software

General law practice management and Canada practice specific practice management tools

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General Law Practice Management

General law practice management helps you to manage your matters, contacts, law firm and more using our all-in-one unique software incorporating amazing and necessary tools such as email and messages, e-signature, document automation, file manager, and more.

Canada Immigration Practice

Canada immigration practice management is a useful tool for immigration law practitioner such as immigration lawyers and licensed Immigration Consultants.

Ontario Conveyancing Software

Ontario real estate conveyancing software is the most comprehensive and useful tool for real estate lawyers for their conveyancing need integrated with necessary platforms such as land registry, title insurance, and lender connect platforms.

Tools to empower your legal practice

Lawyer Database

Lawyer online profile database

We have listed over 150,000 lawyers in the United States and Canada as a unique and complete database to help find, connect, and engage legal professionals by clients and other legal professionals.

Matter Management

Legal practice management

You manage your general or specific practice area we cover using our unique and all in one software. You can use our contact, note, task, calendar tools as well as assign matters to your team, generate legal documents electronically, and manage your files and forms.

Document Automation

Easy document generation

With easy-to-use online payment tools, you can securely accept and track online payments. Your invoices and receipts will even be automatically generated.

Email & Messages

Get connected

You can manage your email and set up email templates for each practice area. As well you can live message and exchange documents with your clients, the assistants, and other legal professionals.

Electronic Signature

Secure e-sign tool

You can upload and generate documents from your dashbord or your matter and send for one or multiple clients for electronic signature.

Mobile App

Practice from everywhere

You can access your profile from your mobile from anywhere at anytime. You can communicate with your client, exchange documents, assign tasks and matters, and do much more.

File & Form Manager

Manage document and forms

No you can manage your personal and matter documents, upload, merge and download documents, create forms and submit for client to complete and do much more.


Integration with necessary platforms

We have integrating Lextodoc with necessary platforms such as land registry office in different province, title insurance companies, lender connect tools, and more.

Your organization is in good hands

Lextodoc users trust us to help them grow and manage their legal practice. Thats why we are recognized as industry leaders on Capterra and Get App.