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Cannabis Laws in Canada

Cannabis Laws in CanadaToday we want to talk about cannabis Laws in Canada. Cannabis/marijuanna had been legalized in 2018 by the government of Canada. The Cannabis Act amended the Controlled Drugs a ...

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Family Violence Laws in Canada

Family Violence Laws in CanadaAccording to justice.gc , Family violence is considered to be any form of abuse or mistreatment that a person experiences from a family member. it can be also ...

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Cybercrime Laws in Canada

Cybercrime Laws in CanadaCybercrime means taking advantage of vulnerabilities in software, hardware and human behaviour online.the goals include stealing personal and commercial information through f ...

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Motor Vehicle theft Laws in Canada

Motor Vehicle theft Laws in CanadaMotor Vehicle theft Laws in Canada. this is a criminal act of stealing or attempting to steal a motor vehicle. vehicles such as :·     &nbsp ...

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Divorce Law in Canada

Divorce Law in CanadaDivorce may be unpleasant. But it is equally unpleasant to continue living in insecurity and without comfort. so let’s talk about divorce law in Canada.Divorce laws are ...

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Shoplifting Penalties in Canada

Shoplifting Penalties in CanadaWhat is Shoplifting ? Some people may think shoplifters are only the lower to middle income class. Others may think that they are young offenders and delinquents, who l ...

Shoplifting Penalties in Canada
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