Shoplifting Penalties in Canada

Published Time: 4/12/2022

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Shoplifting Penalties in Canada

What is Shoplifting ? Some people may think shoplifters are only the lower to middle income class. Others may think that they are young offenders and delinquents, who like putting themselves into high risk situations simply for the thrill.

Shoplifters come from all societal backgrounds, income levels, educational levels, and ages, from teenager to senior citizens.

This criminal offense is defined in the Criminal Code of Canada.

Most shoplifters rarely attempt to steal property valued at more than $5,000. the penalties depend on value of the stolen item :

·       If value of the stolen item be under $5,000, the maximum penalty is a summary offense of a fine of up to $2,000. also imprisoned for up to six months may happen.

·       if it’s her/his first offender , the charges are likely be much less severe.

In fact over half of the people charged with shoplifting have no prior criminal record.

Common items that a shoplifter would like to steal

Shoplifters typically focus on one of several different types of property they steal from retail stores. The most common items include:

·       Alcohol

·       Clothing and Apparel

·       Jewelry

·       Food

·       Cosmetic and Beauty Products

Shoplifters avoid stealing electronics as most items these days. because they are either locked up and require getting a store associate to give you access, are tagged with anti-theft devices.

Most of the time , shoplifters get caught by a retail store’s security agents.

Normally, they wait for the person to leave the store and then perceive them and take them to a security office.

Some security agents will try a friendly approach and request the person provide :

·       Name

·       Address

·       Phone number

·       Date of birth

In addition, they might say if they cooperate with them they will not call the police. Others will take a different tactic and use intimidation or threatening language to illicit this information.

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