Motor Vehicle theft Laws in Canada

Published Time: 4/12/2022

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Motor Vehicle theft Laws in Canada

Motor Vehicle theft Laws in Canada. this is a criminal act of stealing or attempting to steal a motor vehicle. vehicles such as :

·       Automobiles

·       Motorcycles

·       Trucks

·       Buses

·       Stagecoach

·       Snowmobiles

This offense is a growing and lucrative business and crosses all boundaries of criminals , so prosecutors are looking to make examples out of anyone charged with this crime, with maximum penalties, to deter potential criminals.

With the complexity of the auto & insurance industries working with government & law enforcement to crack down on motor vehicle theft, it is fundamental to retain an experienced lawyer if you have been charged with this crime. you should do this to make sure you are treated fairly by the justice system and your rights are protected, especially if anyone was injured during the alleged incident.

Motor Vehicle theft costs Canadians about $1 billion per year. Including :

·       Health care

·       Insurance costs

·       Court costs

·       Legal fees

Types of Motor Vehicle theft

There are some types of motor vehicle theft. such as :

·       theft without keys

·       theft with access to keys

·       Opportunistic theft

·       Carjacking

·       Fraudulent theft

·       borrowing a vehicle without permission

Motor Vehicle Theft Penalties

According to the Canadian Criminal Code for Motor vehicle theft states , everyone who commits theft is guilty of an offence and liable, if the property stolen is a motor vehicle.

on proceedings by way of indictment, to imprisonment for a term of not more than 10 years, also a minimum punishment of imprisonment for a term of six months.
On a summary conviction, to imprisonment for a term of not more than 18 months

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