Cybercrime Laws in Canada

Published Time: 4/12/2022

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Cybercrime Laws in Canada

Cybercrime means taking advantage of vulnerabilities in software, hardware and human behaviour online.

the goals include stealing personal and commercial information through fraud, and extortion.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police or RCMP divides cybercrime into two categories :

·       Technology as target. criminal offences targeting computers and other information technologies

·       Technology as instrument. criminal offences that the Internet and information technologies are instrumental in the commission of a crime

As a result , we can say that technology creates new opportunities for criminals.

For example , online markets devices can provide the same opportunities for serious and criminal networks. in addition , cybercrime is expanding. so be careful.

Technology as target. such as :

·       Mass Marketing Fraud

·       Money Laundering

·       Identity Theft

·       Child Exploitation

·       Intellectual Property Infringements

·       Internet-based Drug Trafficking

Technology as instrument. such as :

·       Hacking for Criminal Purposes

·       Criminal Botnet Operations

·       Malware Threats

·       Distributed Denial of Service

These categories enable the RCMP to address serious and organized crimes where violators use technology to extend the reach of their traditional activities.

These categories also separate this kind of crime from incidental uses of technology in crime, where the Internet and related technologies play an secondary role.

Defining Cybercrime

The RCMP generally expounds cybercrime to be any crime where the Internet and information technologies has a fundamental role in the commission of a criminal offense. such as :

·       Computers

·       Tablets

·       Personal Digital Assistants

·       Mobile Devices

These include technically advanced crimes that extract vulnerabilities found in digital technologies.

Cybercrime also includes more traditional crimes that take on new shapes in cyberspace. Viewing cybercrime through this broad lens is vital in determining the best response, whether involving law enforcement or other cyber security measures.

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